To be a reference in the sustainable fashion sector and to use of the best environmental practices, so we can deliver the best quality of products for you.


Quality, Rigor, Innovation, Differentiation, Integrity, Coherence, Environmental and Social Responsibility.


Design and distribute high quality and environmentally friendly fashion clothing and accessories, with the greatest comfort, elegance, differentiation and design.

About luxcork


Luxcork is a Portuguese brand that uses natural cork in the creation of its garments and fashion accessories.

Luxcork is born from the need to fill a gap in the fashion market: The existence of clothing using cork.

We develop vegan clothing combining cotton that promotes comfort in the wearability of the garment.

It is increasingly important and urgent to preserve our planet and its resources, we at Luxcork make our contribution by using natural, environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable products.

Our motivation thrives by using environmentally friendly raw materials and creating very high quality garments with natural born raw materials. We contribute to the eco-awareness in the use of environmentally friendly clothing, but at the same time with distinction and glamor. Therefore, Luxcork is part of this growing worldwide trend  that is clean and natural. #veganclothingline

Our prime for quality and rigor in the choice of  the best clean materials and during product development. We aim to create a high end end differentiated product not forfeiting comfortability, versatility and elegance.

Portugal is the world’s largest cork producer, which can be used for many situations due to its innumerable qualities and characteristics:

Natural, recyclable, sustainable, thermal, impermeable to liquids and gauze, high fire resistance, hypoallergenic, lightweight, comfortable, soft to the touch …

these characteristics are of most importance to vegan clothing products, hence our choice. When we use cork, this noble yet exclusive product, due to its unique “fingerprint”, we can bring you uniqueness in each piece.

With regard to sustainability, cork is queen.

The cork tree renews itself in several cycles across the years, bringing us an even higher quality cork and the qualities mentioned above.

Luxcork creates quality sustainababble products with elegance and comfort. Each piece has its own exclusivity and it was made using the best environmental practices and materials.

We develop our products with local small industries to increase their sustainability and the uniqueness of Portuguese Cork.