Safeguarding the interests of our customers and providing new services with a high level of quality are Luxcork’s main goals. In this sense, we present our terms and conditions for providing our services:

  1. All orders will be delivered to the address indicated by you, from 48 / 72h, after placing the order and payment of the order if it occurs, unless momentary rupture of the stock or similar problem.
  2. If there is a break in stock and make the payment and confirmation of your order, Luxcork will guarantee the replacement as soon as possible (7-15 days), but can not guarantee the campaigns in force.
  3. If after confirmation or payment of the order, if a product is out of stock or in limited stock, Luxcork reserves the right to inform and inform the customer the expected time for replacement, if you want to wait for the replacement of the product, if intends to refund the payment amount (if it has been made) or cancel the order, without prejudice to both parties.
  4. Should the product be discontinued, Luxcork feels entitled to contact the customer and suggest an alternative solution to the order placed.
  5. If a re-delivery is required, the customer will be charged at the time of delivery.
  6. For any claim (eg damaged product) it is mandatory to check upon delivery.
  7. If any anomaly occurs at the time of delivery, always cancel the waybill that the carrier asks to sign the order taker. If you are not ready to check soon, the product write in the same tab “subject to verification”, not requiring signature.
  8. If the order is not delivered properly, this indication must be made in the guide, with a brief description of the facts.
  9. At any time Luxcork deems relevant you may change the prices on its online store without notice.
  10. Lucork is not responsible for product insertion failures via backoffice with wrong description, wrong price for lapse or price 0 € for system error. If an error is found, our sales team will contact the customer to clarify it.
  11. All shipping is free in mainland Portugal.
  12. According to Law No. 144/2015, we inform you that in case of dispute, you may use the CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts.
  13. The images on the site are for illustration purposes only.


  1. We cannot accept any legal obligation to accept a return or exchange if a product from our store is sold in good condition, meets the requirements for its purpose and the consumer accepts the purchase.
  2. We can make exchanges within 2 days of receiving the order. In the event of a mistake on the part of Luxcork, the exchange will be made as soon as possible at no cost to the customer. For other exchanges, the customer will be responsible for the transportation costs and administrative services inherent in this service.